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Временска прогноза
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Тogether we create a better future


This project is co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union, Strand 2 – Democratic Engagement and Civic Participation, on the Town Twinning Measure.
The project was provoked by the cooperation between the two municipalities – Teteven Municipality and Radovish Municipality a series of joint actions were carried out before the submission of the project proposal – official meetings of local authorities, exchange of cultural groups taking part in local holidays, exchange of experts in the sphere of education, spatial planning, culture.
In 2018 the two municipalities signed a Memorandum of Friendship and Cooperation between the Municipality of Radovic- the Republic of Macedonia and the Municipality of Teteven – the Republic of Bulgaria.
Project topics:
1.Fostering intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding trough entrepreneurship, tourism and culture;
2.Debating the future of Europe and challenging Euroscepticism with suggestions from the citizens and interactive games.
Projects aims:
· to promote diversity, tolerance and the respect of common values;
· encourage intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding between EU citizens and migrants and overcome stereotypes about migrants;
· to challenge Euroscepticism and to suggest possible actions that the EU could undertake to foster a sense of belonging to Europe, to understand the benefits of the EU and to reinforce the EU’s social and political cohesion;
· to develop thematic and long-lasting cooperation between towns;
· to give opportunities to citizens to collaborate on different topics including entrepreneurship, tourism and culture and to create a better future together.
Main activities of the project are: discussion forums, an exhibition, presentations, a cultural event, visit and acquaintance with the cultural heritage, youth groups and experts meeting.
Priorities: overcoming the isolation and integration into society of people from marginalized groups; creating opportunities for development of the young people in these municipalities and engaging them in the EU democratic life; tourist and cultural exchanges; developing joint ideas for tourism development, entrepreneurship and job creation.
We believe that only in cooperation, mutual understanding, tolerance and coordinated actions and measures a better future is possible, that is why we believe this project will complete its aims and through it we will create a better future indeed!
Official Website of Teteven Municipality: www.teteven.bg
Official Website of Radovis Municipality: www.radovis.gov.mk




Линк: Општина Тетевен, Бугарија

Проект: „Заедно създаваме по-добро бъдеще